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It's designed in detail for the iPhone
Experience complete compatibility with Magsafe

a case fitted to an iPhone | Robust iPhone Case with Magsafe and Full Protection | It is made of black and transparent materials

For your iphone

DUO V2 Case

Magsafe DUO V2

It's a perfect case for an iPhone.

Three mobile phones in the air are covered with cases | Pink / Black / Translucent | iPhone Magsafe Full Protection Case
iPhone Magsafe Full Protection Case | Wireless charging | iPhone with front and back view

The powerful Magsafe magnetic force and built-in magnet provide strong fixing power for fast wireless charging.

Powerful Magnetism for Magsafe

iPhone with a case that a man is holding with his hand | The sun is shining on my cell phone | a chic and manly atmosphere

It has improved its completeness with detailed production without missing parts that require iPhone protection, such as side button covers, from camera lenses. It is a simple but durable product that has gained popularity among actual users.

Magsafe and full Cover at once!

A practical

We further enhance the quality of our products with detailed practical designs such as side button protective covers, stainless steel speaker protections, shock mitigation bumpers and anti-oil coatings

a technical case | The parts are dismantled | What it looks like before the case is assembled | contain many functions
The three cell phones with the case are overlapped | sparkle under the light | It's the transparent back of the cell phone that you can see the color | Black / Pink / Translucent

Perfect camera Protection design

The reinforced glass that protects the camera lens and the surrounding frame are designed to protect it from scratches.

It's designed to Prevent impact

The frame of the product is surrounded by a bumper (TPU) material that relieves impact, which prevents damage from impact and protects it safely.

Black / Pink / Translucent | a cell phone on the floor | The corner touched the ground | Protects the screen from external shocks.

Product information

Product Name
Magsafe DUO V2 Case
Compatible phone models
​iPhone 12,13,14 serise
Black / Pink / Translucent
Miak Corporation
Country of Origin
Item Weight
205 x 88 x 16 (mm)
Mobile phone case with Magsafe function and full protection function | It was expressed only by lines
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