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This is a Miak 3in1 wireless charger that can charge iPhone,

AirPods and Apple Watch at high speed at the same time.


White wireless charger with fast charging


iphone / Airpods / Apple watch

a wireless charger that can be placed on a desk | I'm charging three things at once | Desk interior

Charge it at Once

Don't hide any more of the charging wires on your desk! It is made in two colors with a neat and comfortable object design wherever you put it in your house or office, so you can choose according to the interior atmosphere.

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the back of the product | C type rechargeable | a white curved product
C type rechargeable | a white curved product | the front of the product

Three simultaneous High-speed charging Capabilities

Maximum concurrent output 15W

iPhone up to 7.5W, Galaxy up to 10-15W

3W dedicated to Apple Watch

(Galaxy Watch not compatible)

AirPods, Galaxy Buds, rear USB terminal 5W

Wireless Rechargeable Model Compatible

With its sophisticated design, it can be used without any inconvenience in combining with electronic devices, and it is a product that focuses on aesthetic aspects with curved design.

a cell phone with a Magsafe case on it | aspects of the product | a wireless charger
Default component is USB - A to C cable Cable (for QC adapter) To use Type C- PD Quick Charger Please use the C to C cable! (Recommended specification: Type C - PD Adapter *20W or higher)

Default component is C to C cable
Cable (for QC adapter)
If you want fast charging
Please use an adapter dedicated to fast charging!

(Recommended specification: Type C - PD Adapter *20W or higher)

An emotional
curved Design

Recommended Specifications

Product information

Draw a wireless charger with a line | a basic figure | Image for Description
Product Name
3in1 Wireless Charger 
184 x 113 x 65 (mm)
Item Weight
Input Voltage
9V 2A
Miak corporation
Country of Origin
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