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iPhone LCD Protection Film | protection of privacy


It is a functional Screen protection film that protects the Screen of Apple Watch and iPhone.

Screen Protector

Apple Watch LCD Protection | Protects up to curved surfaces | Self-recovery


Protects LCD with tempered glass | Protects the screen from external shocks.

Privacy Screen Protector Film

It's a size that can be attached to the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series.

9H hardness Tempered glass

It protects the screen from external shocks
as well as scratches from daily life.

It's easy to attach because it has a guide tool | LCD Protection Film | It's a privacy film

Easy to Attach

Anyone can easily install it using the guide frame
that comes with the product.

Freer by blocking the Side view

I can't see it from the side | protection of privacy | a composite photograph for understanding

With a new concept of micro louver technology, transmittance varies depending on the angle, protecting personal information from other people's eyes on the left and right sides.

Double protection technology is applied to anti-scattering coatings that minimize glass fragments when the film breaks and olephobic coatings that can easily remove pollutants by suppressing oil residue.

Double protective Coating

double coating film | Fingerprint Prevention | Minimize glass fragments

Apple Watch
Screen Film

Watch sizes 38, 40, 41, 42, 44 mm
can be attached Please check the size.

LCD Protection Film | Products for Apple Watch | Perfect design for curved surfaces
LCD Protection Film | Products for Apple Watch | Perfect design for curved surfaces

Even after the film is attached, the original HD quality of the Apple Watch is maintained without
loss of image quality.

perfect resilience | life scratch | Apple Watch LCD Film

Damage caused by life scratches is immediately restored to the existing screen with the scratch restoration function of the film itself.

perfect resilience

High Transmittance

Prevent damage from external factors | LCD Protection Film | a composite photograph for understanding

Make your watch safer with full cover film

The delicate curved design perfectly wraps and protects the curved surface of the Apple Watch It is made of a thin thickness, so not only does it stick to the screen without floating, but also removes remaining bubbles after a certain period of time after attachment, making it more perfect. In addition, the olephobic coating makes it easy to remove oil and foreign substances.

Product information

iPhone LCD Film | protection of privacy | Apple Watch LCD Protection
Product Name
Tempered Glass
iPhone Privacy Film
a compatible liquid crystal -1mm
Miak corporation
0.3 mm
Country of Origin
Hong Kong
Watch Screen Protection Film
LCD for Compatible Watch - 3mm
0.1 mm
Product Name
Country of Origin
Miak corporation
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